Tuesday, 20 September 2016

--/09/16 Young Ones (2014)

This film really, really tries to be more important, more of an 'event' than it is. The idea is good, a sorta future western where the scarcity of water has turned much of the world into a near-lawless desert where people try and farm the small remaining patches of fertile land and protect them from outlaws or profiteering banks and whatnot.
Much of the technology from before the fall remains, cars, robot mules, televison and suchlike, but they're all dusty and fading reminders of when the world was a greener place, with little or no contemporary production occurring. A bit like visiting Hastings.

That sense of dry, rusty, industrial/civil decline is done well, not overstated, believable. However, the plot is obvious, the acting very, very 'actorly' and the sense of smug psuedo-profundity is a fucking arseache. The end of the film is almost weeping at its own brilliance and trying to insist that we have just witnessed something very important.

Rather than a average film about very dry people living somewhere that looks like the Jawa planet in Star Wars.



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