Wednesday, 21 September 2016

19/09/16 Cat People (1942)

I wanted to see this when it came out but I was busy at the time not existing for another few decades.

Some young lady meets a fellow at the zoo. From what I can tell, about ten minutes after this first chance meeting, they get married.
However, like all marriages, there's problems. The main one being that the woman is worried she will turn into a panther and kill the husband if he tries to give her one. Something about her people from the old country being cursed to turn into big cats and kill people when they're sexually aroused.
Leaving aside the question of how it would be tricky to pass the curse down to the next generation, it would be something of a barrier to marital relations.

Anyway, the husband, quite fairly, suspects the Mrs might be a bit wonky in the head and thinks 'Fuck this nutbag, I'm gonna shack up with the nice lady from work.'

Although it turns out she's half pigeon.

Not really.

For most of it's running time this is a very tame horror film, even by the standards of the '40s, however the two 'stalking' scenes near the end of the film are very effective, reminded me of the underground scene in An American Werewolf in London which is one of the best scenes in any horror film ever, and 74 years ago people probably shit themselves during those bits.

"Gerald! It's frightful! I can't bear to watch!"

"You're telling me, Miriam! I've just Adolf Shitler'd meself. Be a dear and pass my embarassment pipe."

"May I have a water?"

"Water? Fuck off, love. This is 1942, it's vodka."

Everyone in this photo is dead.

Have a good Wednesday.

Look at my chips!

Careful, you'll have someone's eye out. Etc.

The war years were very austere. This was from the most popular
pornographic magazine of the era, 'Reader's Chores'.

"Phat blunt, yo."

"Innit, blud."

"Aye. nine inches on the flop apparently. Mind you, I wouldn't believe a word that Amos says."


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