Wednesday, 21 September 2016

20/09/16 The Curse Of Robert The Doll (2016)

I've waffled on about the films of Andrew Jones on here before. The lack of budget and hurried production splits through the seams of everything he's done so far, however, I like his stuff. It has a cheery spirit, make-do attitude and sense of fun that films with 1000 times the budget could learn a lot from.

I mean it's total bumwash, but, well, isn't everything?

This is (I think) the third film that the Robert The Doll, er, 'character' has featured in. Robert is like an evil ventriloquists assistant. Think of Keith Harris being directed by William Friedkin:

Half way through something started to trouble me about this and every other possessed toy film I've seen, so I took to Twitter and asked the chap responsible, rather pleasingly, he replied:

Well, Mr Jones, if you read this, ensure that there's a wood chipper churning away beneath the window. Y'know, just to make sure.

Anyway, if you've seen any of young Jones' other films, you'll probably know what to expect. Special mention for both Clare Gollop's amusing dialogue delivery and (the extremely attractive) Tiffany Ceri's credible performance. 

In a film about a murderous doll. So, like, don't go in expecting some shit with Ralph Fiennes poncing on about Shakespeare and all that.


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