Sunday, 6 January 2013

05/01/13 Lord Of Illusions (1995)

Silly nonsense about a private eye with an affinity for strange/supernatural cases who's hired to look into some stuff. There's a magician who's a former cult member that left him with genuine powers. The former leader of the cult was a right wrong 'un, he kept hostages, a small collection of nutbag followers and the occasional baboon.

Fifteen years before the events in the film, some breakaway nutbags realised their leader was a bit of dubious sort, so they put a metal hat on him and shot him a few times before burying him. Now a few of them are worried that he's gonna pop outta the ground and do spells and stuff.

Some of the film's shite, big holes in logic, and some dodgy performances, but for a low budget horror it has some good visuals, a decent story and hints at interesting back stories, esp. Bakula's who's character Harry D'Amour is apparently a recurring fella in some of Clive Barker's books (Barker wrote and directed this)

The private eye is played by Scott Bakula, it was amusing seeing Mr Quantum Leap swearing.

Talking of Clive Barker, I'm really hoping the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed actually comes out soon, flippin' love that film and it'd be great to see the missing hour or so reinserted.

Heh: Reinserted. *Chuckle*


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