Monday, 21 January 2013

21/01/13 Money Movers (1978)

Australian film about a money sorting depot getting robbed. A little slow and convoluted, but in a good way. Starring Terence Donovan, Jason's dad.

Its depiction of big-money crime is unglamorous and realistic, unlike films of today where most comparable films are overly stylistic, posturing arse. Recommended!

Slapping a co-workers arse is an acceptable greeting. Try it on your boss tommorow!

10,000 Australian dollars. Roughly £8.50

"Ladies! Form a cue, please! Papa's got enough love for you all."

This scene was filmed in Sydney's historic Petrol District.

Australian funerals have traditional attendees: The group of naked men...

...And Jeremy Clarkson.

An Australian enjoying his breakfast.


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