Monday, 28 January 2013

28/01/13 It's A Disaster (2012)

Eight people get together to do a 'Couple's Brunch'. If that alone doesn't make you want to kick their limbs off, then watching the film probably will.

The fucking smugness of it is almost unbearable. Imagine eight people with self-absorption at Woody Allen levels, but unlike Mr. Daughterwife, they give a fuck what they look like. Truly horrid, whiny, white American cunts.

Eventually, after spending ages establishing the cast as some of history's most tedious wankers, the main plot bit happens. Lots of dirty bombs going off in America. Lols, etc. Anyway, they slowly start to realise they're probably a bit fucked. issues get resolved in the face of annihilation and other such pissy yank shit.

The final fifteen minutes are actually good. If the first 70 minutes were condensed into five (which could easily be done) then this could be a good short film. As it is, it's a predictable relationship drama with an occasional good line, dipped in a veneer of fake, pseudo-hipster quirkiness.

Load of wank.


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