Monday, 21 January 2013

20/01/13 Testament (1983)

Please welcome guest reviewer Harold Shand.

Back in my day, we lived under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation. That and the very real risk of being abducted by the IRA. Anyway, this film is about the commies dropping the big one on the septics and 'ow one family deals with it.

I took the 'trouble', Victoria, to see it at the flicks and we both agreed that, whilst the performances were all impressive, it didn't 'ave the shit-yer-strides clout of Threads which was released the next year. 

Y'see, the problem with the yanks is, they've got no balls. This film shows the effect of the apocalypse on one clan and is a bit fackin' lovey-dovey with all that faahmily values shit they love over there, whereas Threads' main message was if you're unlucky enough to live through it, within a few months, you'll be vomiting blood, half dead, selling your body in exchange for a dead rat and 'oping that the child yer carrying won't live long enough to suffer the life you can offer.

Fackin' yanks, I shit 'em.


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