Saturday, 23 March 2013

21/03/13 The Collingswood Story (2002)

A woman in her early twenties moves a few hundred miles away from her boyfriend so they decide to talk, almost continuously, through steam-era webcams. It's her birthday so instead of getting arseholed on cider and falling asleep on a kebab, she uses the webcam to get her fortune read, on the boyfriend's suggestion, by a webcam psychic. I guess the realistic bit where he spends hours asking her to do stuff with fruit and her boobs while he watches was cut in the edit.

Anyway, things take a turn for the spooky during the fortune reading and the film slowly, creepily turns into 

Even though the internet communication scenes in the film are only ten years old, it already looks very dated, however as a found footage effort it works and does the eerie stuff well.

Ain't got a fuckin' scooby what's going on at the end though.


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