Sunday, 24 March 2013

23/03/13 Germ (2013)

obviously zombie films are fucking rubbish as, y'know, they're zombie films. However they can be immensely entertaining. According to IMDB this one cost $500,000 to make.

Fuck all, by film standards, but it's twenty times better than many films that cost ten times as much. So bollocks to it all.

Well worth a rental/purchase.

"Last one to the house is a twat!"

Take that, you lemon bastard!

"Innocent lemons? Noooooooo!!!"

"Sweet extras! Sat-nav, power steering, ABS, CD player, dead child... Result"

"Talk to the leaf, 'cos the face ain't listenin'"

"Leonard you cock!"

This looks like me when I do my sex dance. Sadly true.

"This shoe looks funny" *Sexist joke of the week.*


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