Sunday, 29 June 2014

26/06/14 Red State (2011)

Three slightly dickish/nerdy highschool lads reply to an online advert promising some bedroom pleasure with an eager older lady. She drugs their beers and they wake up in a bit of bother as a small, very fundamentalist church of nutbags have decided that they represent all that is immoral and wrong with modern society and plan on sacrificing them to God ...for whatever mentalist wobble-bonk reasons they think justify such prick lunacy.

Things don't really go to plan for anyone when the ATF decide it's time to raid the church compound and a simple story of religious child-murder turns into a big gun fight.

No one, with the exception of the essentially decent and naive young lads, comes out of this looking particularly good. The religious nutters and the law enforcement both justifying terrible acts as a response to orders from a higher agent.

The performances are all superb, especially Michael Parks as the head of the church, a far too believable example of mentalist wibble-thought inspired by a two thousand year old book. Glad that most Christians I've met are the fluffy, decent types who help out at homeless shelters and whatnot.

Anyway, film's excellent, you should watch it.


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