Sunday, 29 June 2014

27/06/14 Violent Saturday (1955)

Cracking vintage heist film. If given to the right people, a remake could be excellent. However, I've little doubt that it would be written and directed by some crayon munching fuckwit who would turn it into a shite music video with guns. So, yeah, just watch this one instead.

Blimey! Look at the length of that plume coming from the chimney!
Still, in those days things like pollution were not such an issue.
"Smith's plastic disposal incinerator, pumping wonderful sky nutrients into your atmosphere!"

"So, how drunk are you?"
"Well, let's just say..." *Slides key over* "I'm in room 237"...*Wink*

Abraham Lincoln used to occasionally take the wife and kids out for a trip into the 1950s.

"Put on a hat you little wanker."


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