Sunday, 7 September 2014

01/09/14 Twins Of Evil (1971)

Brilliant old Hammer film about the usual vampires and castles nonsense.  The Director of Photography had one of the best names of any human ever.

Told you.


"C'mon people! Up up in the air, like you jus' don't care!""

"That's it sister, feel it! Mad vibes in the house"

"Sweet rims, blud"
Pimp my cart.

These are the twins of the title. Why did Hammer cast such physically unappealing women?

George Osborne. Here seen enjoying a relaxing night at home drinking a goblet of child's blood.

Usual nonsense aside, Peter Cushing was flippin' fantastic in everything. Brilliant actor.

One of the twins, doing something evil.
Me: wanking like a salt-firing Gatling Gun.

I also developed a large purple hat watching this.


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