Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30/09/204 Seance On A Wet Afternoon (1964)

Excellent vintage flick about a married couple who kidnap a child so that the wife, who works as a medium, can add credibility to her professional claims by involving herself in the investigation, offering information that will prove correct and raise her public profile in the wold of spirit communication.

You could say she's a small medium trying to get bigger.

Ho ho.

Anyway, even though that set-up is essentially total bum wash, the film is great. Made during the tail end of that period when England had a moustache and wore a tie to bed, it does suffer from being slightly stuffy, but that fades as it goes on, and by the end of it becomes quite a dark, troubling story. The tension in the bag of cash handover scenes particularly impressed me.


"Move along now, madam. Nothing to see here."
"Shush now, battyman, else I shank you bad style. Get me?"

A member of the 'Hells Chaps' motorcycle gang.

'Hot wicking' was the drug craze for the kids back then.

By 1964 standards this was quite a hot Girl-on-Girl scene.
Seriously, this film is obsessed by beaver.

"Now Miriam, if you flip this switch, it'll make our Austin bounce up and down like all my O.G. homies back in South Central. Low-rider life, yo."

"Gary, you're fifty-two."

"I love pictures."
(Note: I haven't altered this screencap in any way.)

Told you!!!



  1. Yup! Brilliant, isn't it!? I too loved the bag scene- it put me in mind of the opening to Milan Calibro 9. Anyhow, pretty much on the money with this review - its a film that gets better and better as it proceeds.

  2. Indeed! Easily one of my films of the year (That I've watched rather than made this year, obviously)

    That rare type of film that I'd happily watch again tomorrow. Flippin' ace! :)