Monday, 29 September 2014

28/09/14 From Beyond The Grave (1973)

Amicus anthology film. You know the sort of thing.

Peter Cushing's in this, making it better than most things.

I love how minimalist, tasteful and contemporary '70s interiors look.
Either that or they just threw loads of gaudy, mis-matched shit together and lived in front of it.

"The white pyjamas, Leopold?"
"Yes, Thelma. It's Thursday. As ever, I shall be brief and disappointing."

"Let me massage your chair for you, Sir."
"Terribly kind. Thank you, Cribbins"
"My pleasure, Sir."

"Let me compress your head for you Sir...
Ooh, lotta tension in your wig."

"Why is my piano silent?"
"It's a table."

Julian Assange has left the embassy and is believed to be hiding in 1973.

"I'm Jack Nicholson's taylor"
"Are you?"



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