Thursday, 18 September 2014

16/09/14 Cannonball (1976)

Nothing to do with the Cannonball Run films although it's also about a bunch of people racing cars. Incredibly colourful, in the visual, colour-y sense. The acting, action, plot and all that shizzle are crap, but it's easy to watch due to the aesthetic vibrancy.

Bloody hell, I just typed 'aesthetic vibrancy', what an arse-womble.

Still if you love old cars and colours, it's worth a go.

"Do you know how much of a cock you look in that hat?"

"You hum it, I'll play it"

Road sheds were a significant contributor to accidents in the '70s.

"Fuck me, Gary! What happened?"

"Hit a shed."

Of course, being a film about cars, that cunt Jeremy Clarkson has to get in on it.

What else do you need? I've always loved getting petrol and drunk at the same time followed by a burger.

"How do I quantify a colour? Alright, it's very, very red. Happy?"

"Bit of advice for the future Mr Carradine, things round the neck, well..."

"Went for drive. Stopped for nap. Lovely"

"How much?"
"You or the old girl?"
"Both at the same time"
"Fifty quid"
"Jump in"

A chase between a Charger and a Mustang worked really well in Bullitt. Will they recreate the magic in this? 


And everything else.

They were casual and permissive times, the mid-70s.

"A nice cup of tea, then I'll crash into a shed."


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