Friday, 7 November 2014

06/11/14 Inner Demons (2014)

A possession/exorcism type film. As I haven't watched enough of those lately. Apart from all of them. Not out of choice, must be 'Povember' or flippin' something.

Anyway, over-exposure gripes aside, this is actually rather good. A young lady is the subject of a reality 'intervention' show, where substance abusers are confronted on camera by their loved ones and sent to rehab, their progress being filmed, until they're ready to rejoin the world in a sober state.

The young woman claims that her enthusiasm for narcotically blitzing herself is because she's possessed and being blissed-out on smack helps her control her literal inner demon.

The performances are good, the running time short enough to retain interest, the inevitable creepy stuff is creepy 'n' stuff, and the portrayal of the intervention show's producers as cynical, exploitative arseholes is depressingly easy to believe.


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