Saturday, 15 November 2014

13/11/14 Savaged (2013)

A young, gentle, deaf woman inherits a lovely vintage car (late '60s Pontiac GTO, if anyone's as boring as me and such details are of interest) And decides to take the scenic route for the long drive to meet up with her boyfriend so they can move in together and have a happy life.

Unfortunately, she bumps into some redneck desert dwellers who take advantage of her kindly nature. They kidnap, violate and torture her.
With her cast into the desert at the point of death, a shamanic local uses his ability to connect this world and the next and the spirit of a vengeful indigenous chief leaps into her empty vessel. 'Together' they go and, well, mash the fuck out of the bad guys.

This sounds awful, and pretty much any description of the film's plot will make it sound like thunderous fucking arse, however, as far as supernatural revenge films go, it's an absolute belter. Very, very entertaining, exciting and fun. Much better than we expected.


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