Saturday, 29 November 2014

23/11/14 Late Phases (2014)

Aah, enthusiasm, wake from slumber.

Anyway, for the two or three people that occasionally read this , here's the latest stuff we've watched that I've been slow to put up here.

Late Phases is a about a blind, emotionally stiff former soldier who moves into a retirement bungalow. He's pensioner himself, not just a chap who enjoys dwelling among the elderly. Gerontophilia is apparently the word that describes those sort of people.

The first evening he's there, his neighbour gets eaten by a werewolf. I mean, fucking hell, that'd be a disappointment when you're fresh into your new pad: Lovely views, south facing garden, good local amenities, occasional werewolf problem.

The old guy might be old, blind and a poor father to his adult son, but he's tough as a tramp's cock and decides he ain't going out like no bitch, yo. So he makes a stand and fucks up some werewolf shit.

The old guy is played by Nick Damici who, in my humble, should be in loads more films as he's stuffing good at the acty business.


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