Wednesday, 30 September 2015

--/09/15 Basic Instinct (1992)

Y'know, the one where briefly glimpsing some pubic hair became global headline news. Has Michael Douglas ever been in a film that's good? I never really enjoyed the Romancing The Stone films as much as everyone else seemed to, then there was this, Black Rain where he pretended to be tough, er... Oh, One Night At McCall's, I seem to be one of the few people who enjoyed that, although looking at it objectively, that's also shit. Tried watching Coma, that one he done in the '70s quite a few times, fallen asleep every time, as if the film's title is acting as a suggestion.

Fuck me!!! Falling Down! How could I forget that?! What a great film. You really sympathise with his character until it's revealed that he's a total cock-tip near the end. Still a great film though.
Pubic hair sensation/10


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