Wednesday, 30 September 2015

--/09/15 Some Kind Of Hate (2015)

Some troubled teenagers get so angry that an even angrier dead teenager comes back to life and kills some people.

Actually not too bad for a horror film involving teenagers, most of which become less and less interesting the more distantly your own teen years fade behind you. I've been out of my teens for over twenty years now, strange how they seem to leave the biggest mark on your person, shaping who you become.

Frued and that lot would say that your most formative years are those of infancy, and that powerful events and bonds in those earliest of times are what make us the adults we become. I'm not so sure, I think many of us pine for the more cogent exploration of our middle-youth. I'd fucking love to spend my weekends doing handbreak skids in cars of dubious legality, and having a libido that raged like hell's furnace, like I did in my teen years, whereas sitting in a nappy completely fascinated by bright colours and curious shapes is rubbish. 

Oh yeah, the film's half decent for that sort of thing, the start's stronger than the second half though.


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