Wednesday, 30 September 2015

--/09/15 The Loved Ones (2009)

Another teen horror that's above the quality of most others.

A great turn from from Robin McLeavy as the nutty young lady, she then went on to play the lady with biro on her chin in Hell On Wheels. That's a good show. Makes me glad I didn't work on the American railways in the 1860s. Pretty much everything appeared to have fallen over, blown up, got shot of suffered from disease back then. If you know East Croydon station, imagine that but even worse and with more hats. 
Still, life wasn't much better, or any better, over here back then. On a tour of Highgate Cemetery (well worth doing, fascinating place!) the guide told us that average life expectancy for the working poor when the cemetery was built, was 22yrs old.

What? You read this expecting actual film reviews? Don't be cocking daft. You silly sausage.


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