Thursday, 1 October 2015

01/10/15 The Goob (2014)

Incredibly indie film about a young fella, Mr Goob of the title, who lives in very rural Norfolk and how he spends a summer after leaving school.

It relies far too much on the slightly pretentious, hipster film thing of being much more interested in mood than story, as such the characters are a little too oblique and you observe them rather than relate to them.

Also, I got a bit cast-confused at one point and didn't know if the blonde woman Goob was talking to was his mum or sister.

Then, realising it's set in rural Norfolk, I figured he probably didn't know either as she may have been both.



Anyway, if you're into hipster films about stock car racing pumpkin farmer redneck folk, this one's for you.




  1. Hey there, i wanted to contact you about some films not covered yet by your bollockshaped genius infmamous custard dropping mindset. As there are: "RANE" (The Wounds) of Srđan Dragojević, "TORRENTE - el brazo tonto de la ley" (the first one of the series) by Santiago Segura, "FRONT PAGE" by Billy Wilder... Would love to see your opinion/verdict.. Best, Marian. PS: RANE is rarely available but was drifting through the web with english subs as a VHS rip.

  2. Cool! :D

    Consider us on the job!

  3. RANE is on youtube, completely, with english subs

  4. hey man, there is another scifi flic i have seen recently called "AIR" - highly recommended. Was cool like "MOON". BTW: you got an email adress where i can send different movie suggestions to? You can always contact me at or find me on facebook ""...would be cool to exchange sometimes, if you want. Regards, Marian