Saturday, 31 October 2015

--/10/15 The Hive (2015)

We watched this three weeks ago, memory's already a bit vague on it. That was the whole reason we started this nonsense is to try and remember the vast number of films we watch.

In years to come, when time has powdered my joints and beflopped my tassle, that I shall be able to look back on the many, many thousands of hours I've wasted watching shit films and think "Yes, my contribution to this world  is almost notable in its underachievement and lack of universal benefit to humankind. However, I did spend many years watching crap films and making cock jokes on the internet."
I will then expire in a damp squib of beige indifference, the world will pause for the briefest of moments to offer a collective shrug of indifference and the prophecy will be complete.

Yeah, from what I recall, this was actually a half decent play on the zombie/infection thing with a bit of sci-fi mind-hopping type stuff also going on.


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