Saturday, 21 November 2015

--/11/15 Awaiting (2015)

Some twattish, city-boy arsehole develops car trouble whilst out in the sticks and spends the night at a cottage belonging to a seemingly pleasant yokel and his daughter.

Of course, if that was the full plot of the film it'd be very uneventful. The makers were probably aware of that, so they decided to make things a little more interesting with bits of swearing, substance abuse, incest and murder.
That's a bit more like it. Who would wanna watch the first version? Some Tarquin ponce with Audi trouble spending the night under a thatched roof? No thank you!

Anyway, as you may have gathered, the yokel and his daughter aren't as pleasant as initially suggested and it all goes a bit wonky.

I was ready to dismiss it as another forgettable low budget Brit horror, but the last fifteen minutes put some real effort in and, in my humble, redeem it greatly with some actual horror and a great bit of soundtrack 'casting' that sets the mood very well.


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