Saturday, 21 November 2015

17/11/15 The Phoenix Incident (2015)

Found footage film about a bunch of youthful fellows who go off into the desert to ride quad bikes, consume energy drinks, call each other 'Bro' and other gnarly young person things.

Thanks, but I will stick to my lemonade and a good book. Bloody kids.

Anyway, this film's USP is basing it around the "real" life mass UFO sightings that occurred in the Phoenix area in 1997. Or thereabouts, can't be bollocksed to look it up at the mo, do it yourself if it's of interest. Although certainly more credible an event than Rendlesham or Roswell, both of which have been used as springboards for numerous films, it's still probably all a load of bumwash.

The film also blends fictitious after-the-event talking heads with actual footage and reactions from the time, which at least makes it more of an interesting composite than most found footage efforts.


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