Monday, 30 November 2015

30/11/15 Hellraiser 3 (1992)

I love the first Hellraiser. Some of it has aged badly, and the acting is creaky in parts, but when Pinny & The Cenobites (still my name of choice for a band) turn up it's flippin' ace.

However, rule of diminishing returns and all that, by time this third one rolled out, they were scraping the arse of the barrel.
A nightclub owner buys some fancy decorative furniture that -somehow- contains the cenobites and blah, blah, blah.

Pinhead is the leader of the demonic, fleash-tearing, reaping cenobites, he's known as 'The Pope of Hell'. An immensley powerful, evil entity who, almost literally, feeds on the souls of those who summon him. So it was a bit of a let down to see him spend the first third of this film essentially being a table in some bollocks nightclub.

Also, just thought, I might open a cafe called CENO BITES.

Nah, I won't.


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