Saturday, 21 November 2015

18/11/15 Tape 13 (2014)

Found footage horror film...

I'm tired of typing that. I think I was the last advocate of the sub-genre, but now even I'm bored wankless by this shitting nonsense.

If you're gonna do a found footage horror, bring something new to the table.

Yet another film student who's apparently suffering some form of biological attachment to their camera, forcing them to continue filming way, way, way past the point when having two free hands would be advantageous in their perilous situation.

Does you camcorder fire bullets or have a bayonet attatched?


Then put it fucking down and hold something that may actually be of use, you soppy twat.

Y'know, like every single actual person in the world would in your situation.

Sitting here thinking about found footage films, I've just had an idea for one, I might film it when I next get a weekend off. It'll be about one minute long and it can't be any worse than this shite.

That'll do.


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