Wednesday, 18 July 2012

17/07/12 Identical (2011)

Silly film with shite twist about a man who wears glasses, another one who doesn't and some woman who gives 'em both one. ...Or does she!?

You'll have to never bother watching it to not find out.

One of the fellas reads poetry in a wild hipster beatnick club. What a wanker.


Usual stuff about low budget allowances applies and we've certainly seen much worse, but the characters were unlikeable and the twist was tedious.

Monday: I looked in a ladies ear. It were great! She didn't scream or anything!

Tuesday: I stared at a man in a hat. I am uncertain how I felt about it.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I practiced having a face. Yay!

Saturday: I got lucky! She was an older man.

Sunday:  More face practice, today I mastered 'sideways surprise'. Goodbye.


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