Sunday, 22 July 2012

21/07/2012 Terminal Error (2002)

Unlikely technology-goes-mad film with a dodgy grasp of the concepts of computer viruses, physics, acting and plausibility.  A techie's son inadvertently infects a software company's mainframe with an MP3 track containing a virus.  The MP3 was given to him by a known mad genius megageek (who happens to be a disgruntled ex-employee with a massive grudge against the boy's father; somehow the kid did not link these facts) and inexplicably infects unrelated devices such as lights in other buildings and petrol pumps, despite these items not being networked.

Highlights are the company's Stephen Hawkin-esque wheelchair bound boss, the virus' outrageous artificial intelligence and a hilarious plummeting lift scene which sees the occupants suspended in mid-air by G force.

2/10 for film, 7/10 for entertainment


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