Monday, 30 July 2012

27/07/12 Maximum Overdrive (1986)

I loved this film when I was about 13. Got into AC/DC because of it. The band, not being bisexual or electrical currents. The soundtrack's still flippin' ace. Film itself? Not held up so well. Nice idea, technology becoming globally self-aware overnight and turning on the humans. Steven King's only attempt at directing.

Stick to the books, Steve.

"Oh, lord, no! Won't somebody think of the melons! Why!? WHY!?"

"Shush woman! I'm a melonphile, this is heaven! Sexy melon jackpot!"

"Hot exposed melons?"
*Wanks furiously*

"Are you Jeremy Clarkson?"
"Why are you wearing that bright green Tshirt?"
"It's a tribute to the fallen melons."
"You cunty gobshite."

"Which one of you melon-fucker perverts ordered a crate full of Dutch children?"


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