Wednesday, 25 July 2012

25/07/12 Cleanskin (2012)

Sean Flatcap plays Ecky Coalmine who works as an off-the-books assassin for possibly the intelligence/secret services or possibly a privately funded, slick terrorist hunting vigilante group. It's not made clear, well, not until the end. Even then it's a bit ambiguous.

The film wobbles between thoughty talk-thriller and Bourne-like action flick. Most of all, it's probably comparable to a British version of '24'. But with 22.5 missing due to its runnning time. Dunno though as I never bothered watching 24, it all looked a bit Fox News world view to me. Might be wrong, but fuck off, I'm writing this, so I'm right.

I was impressed with the depth of some of the characters, although their actions in the film occasionally were contradictory. The main bad guy in particular. The sting at the end of the film is nice, and my cynical side was thinking how possibly possible it all possibly could be. Possibly.

Anyway, it's flawed but good and it's nice to see a well structured British film that lets you think a little between fight scenes.


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