Saturday, 16 February 2013

14/02/2013 Border Run (2013)

Sharon Stone, a woman whose career only exists because she flashed her ladyfluff 20 years ago.  Casino aside, her film and acting history is a bit patchy (and playing a ginned up mentalist in Casino probably wasn't much of a stretch, indeed she may not have realised she was even making a film).  Let's not forget she has snogged Michael Douglas with no visible signs of repulsion so perhaps she isn't too shabby after all.

Anyway, this film is a rather tedious effort about her trying to find her brother who has possibly been killed trying to cross the Mexican border.  Stuff happens and you see her boobs.  The black hair doesn't suit her.


Version with black hair

Version with blonde hair and different name.  Wonder if they made her shoot it all again with a different wig?


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