Friday, 6 September 2013

05/09/13 Breakout (2013)

Brendan Fraser plays a chap who accidentally kills someone whilst trying to save a forest, gets sent to prison then runs away a few years later to protect his kids whilst they're in danger in the same/possibly another forest.

Fraser also wears the permanent expression of a man who needs an urgent poo, but is suffering from the panic of not knowing where the nearest toilet is.

If ever there was a film festival for average films, this would be a right trophy hoarder.

Average McAverage, of Average Avenue, Averageton. TN5 AVG

Also currently on YouTube if you feel the need to have a film playing while you do something else.

"I need to drop a mud biscuit."

Desperate to release the fudge-baby

Lipstick and a wig, watched by Makenzie Crook

Trousercam spotted unseasonal gloves.


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