Sunday, 8 September 2013

07/09/13 Konga (1961)

28 years after King Kong was made, some British people tried to remake it.

Surely, even fifty years ago, people must've thought this was terrible. Great entertainment though and funnier than most modern films even when they're trying to be funny.
3/10 but also 10/10

*Might be a wig.

"Here ya go. If you'd like anything stronger, I've got some chimp whisky"

Television was much more formal back then. Here's an early episode of Masterchef.

Latin name: Obviousphallus Erectus-veinyshaft
(Named after proffessor Jeffery Veinyshaft)

1960s sitcoms were not very PC. (Boxset available on UKIP video)

Leonard Surprisedface was a great actor, but sadly typecast.

"Kin' 'ell, Gladys. When you said a bit of roleplay, I didn't think you'd be this committed."

"Shut up! Now, bend me over and give me a 'silver back'..."

"Careful, Brenda! You'll have someone's eye out!"

Previously unseen segments of the Patterson-Gimlin footage throw some doubt on its validity.

Absolutely no issues with scale and effects more convincing than Jurassic Park.

"Got the time, Dave?"
"Yeah, five-to-ape."


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  1. This looks like a masterpiece. I hope Lovefilm have it. Wigs, casual racism and spectacular special effects, wow!