Tuesday, 24 September 2013

21/09/13 Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

Made just before Zack Snyder took up permanent residence on the slo-mo button in his edit suite. Lots of people with limited imagination consider the original Dawn' to be untouchable in the world of horror films, personally I've grown to much prefer this one. Yeah, it's pretty much a music video with blood visually, but it's fast paced, exciting and fun.
The original is ponderous old bollocks where some people in in terrible make-up shuffle around suffering from terrible editing and utterly gonad music. Also, Romero himself has admitted that the mall location came about by chance as an island was his first choice and the 'satire on consumerism' angle was attached by critics after the event. The original is fun, but not the fucking grail some bumwits would have you believe.


"What can you see, Pete?"

"Oh yeah. Looks peaceful for a Friday."

"Quick! Run over that child!"
"Why, is she a zombie?"
"What have zombies got to do with it?"

"Darling, just going out for some milk. Would you like me to pick anything up for you?"

"Not now, Gary. I'm busy glueing myself to the wall."


"Fack off, I'm eating jam."

"You look different to your dating site pic, Gladys."


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