Monday, 16 September 2013

15/09/13 A History Of Violence (2005)

Bloody cheekbones on Viggo Mortensen, I'm sure the man must have some form of Lego brick DNA. I'm only really pointing that out as I have the kind of  pliable, doughy facial features that never appear to settle on their intended form, a bit like a duvet gently rolling down an incline.

Anyway, I remember when this film came out, lots of reviewers (real ones, not this old bilge) wanked on about what a powerful anti-violence message this film has. Well, that's a load of drooping tits.

To briefly summarise this film:

Man has problems, solves them with violence. Ends.

The only anti-violence scenes are when some people briefly cry a bit 'cos it's all so, er, violent.

Anyway, it's still a cracking flick.



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