Thursday, 6 August 2015

01/08/15 Spy (2015)

Are you an undemanding, mentally soft, fleshcog in the machine of absolute cultural hegemony? Then you'll love this film! It has a fat lady who wears wigs and swears! You'll think it's brilliant, then when it's finished drive home in your four-door diesel car back to your semi-detached house, drink a single glass of supermarket wine, tut at the late news headlines, then go to bed and possibly perform unsatisfactory sex with your partner whilst secretly thinking of that person from work.

Awful film made for cretins that deserves to have every single copy put into a giant wicker fat lady and burned whilst spectators perform pagan acts of rutting, invoking the ancient dark ones who will bring destruction to the writers and financiers responsible for creating such horrendous sensory assaults.

Utter fucking bumwash.


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