Thursday, 6 August 2015

--/07/15 Break A Leg (2005)

Hello again.

Missed out on July's final few entries, so you can have them now. Aren't you lucky?*

Struggling actor decides to start doing dodgy stuff to get noticed. By dodgy stuff I mean pushing casting rivals down stairs and suchlike, not fisting porn or midget snuff.

Stuck somewhere between a comedy and a drama without being very strong in either, it was still a fair effort.

Could you imagine if this was a British film? Rather than pursuing small roles in mega-budget blockbusters, and drowning their sorrows in balmy, neon-lit bars, it would be about some actor hoping to get a role in a panto and dipping his fishfinger in a cup of tea.

Heh. Dipping hi fishfinger. Sounds rude.



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