Friday, 14 August 2015

11/08/15 The Last Dragon (1985)

Silly old nonsense about an ethnically confused young fellow who seeks a mystical producer of fortune cookies, a midget mobster/arcade owner with a wannabe pop star wife, and a local street gang who dress like the very gayest of Eurovision acts with a leader called Sho'Nuff.

One of those good old fashioned kids films where violence solves everything.
Not got a clue/10

Undoubtedly William H. Macy's finest moment.

Very threatening. Not gay*

I meditate just like this before writing these reviews.
Nah, not really, I just type whatever old shit falls out.

"Looking good, Terry. Been hittin' the weights?"
"Nah, just the butter."

I won't go into another boring drone about how crap the '80s were.
They weren't fun, just embarrassing and shit.

The inspiration for Apple's 'Siri' feature. But less shit.



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