Wednesday, 30 March 2016

--/03/16 The 5th Wave (2016)

Film made for (presumably) younger teenagers about an alien force that tries to destroy humanity so they can occupy Earth. The waves of attacks are non-confrontational, employing technology and disease to wipe us out, a global EMP, enhanced bird flu and whatnot. Bunch of puffs. Why not come down and settle it in a pub car park? Wankers.

Anyway, the first half hour of the film is surprisingly good, after that it starts making giant leaps of non-logic that appear to have fallen out of someone's bum. We also called the terrible twist from the start but doubted we was right 'cos it's so stupid. We was right though.

Even after it flies the UFO of common sense up its own arse, it still, surprisingly, manages to be entertaining enough if you're in a forgiving mood.


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