Thursday, 17 March 2016

12/03/16 Wither (2012)

Some European teens, from Finmark or Swegium or somewhere, stay in a cabin in the woods and it all goes very bollock-shaped when things turn a bit possessed zombie.

Described by numerous people as a near-remake of the first Evil Dead film, when you watch it you feel that's a pretty fair comment. If you like that, you'll probably enjoy this.

One part made us laugh, the first teen, a slightly-built girl, has just become possessed, she's attacked a friend upstairs and has made her way downstairs where her friends open an internal door to see her.
Without, surely, having any idea that his friend, the 90lb female, is possessed by evil, and is, presumably, covered in her own blood after some horrific accident, a large muscular male youth doesn't pause to ask after her well-being but instantly starts punching her repeatedly in the face.
Fucking hell, mate. Don't ever become a paramedic.

I dunno, maybe that's just a form of greeting in Norland or Germaly.


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