Wednesday, 30 March 2016

28/03/16 Rites Of Spring (2011)

For most of the running time this is almost two seperate films, one about a strange rural cult making human sacrifices to some cornfield deity to ensure a season of bountiful crops, (probably what those wankers The Countryside Alliance get up to) the other plot is about a group of small-time chancers attempting a kidnapping/extortion on a local wealthy businessman.

The acting's good, it's tightly edited, short running time, decent sense of peril, excellent camera work, what more do you want from a low budget film like this?

Also, if anyone's looking for a name for their pretentious indie band, I've just decided Cornfield Deities would be flippin' great. If you take it and you're successful, just do a song called 'Cheers, Filmplop' by way of thanks.


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