Tuesday, 28 February 2017

02/2017 Friday The 13th 4 (1984)

"Right team, once again, last year, the camp suffered some, er, regrettable incidents. We ask that this year, all attendees wear a full suit of armour and chainmail at all times. Now, obviously, being based around lake side and waterborne activities, we also ask that everyone wears their armbands and life jackets."

"Even when swimming and bathing?"

"Yes, Tammy, I'm afraid so. It's a health and safety measure that we're kinda tied to from the insurance point of view. Getting the policy renewal was a real pain in the cunt."

"But the murderer is dead! Surely there won't be more deaths this summer?"

"No! Of course not... Eight or ten, tops, but otherwise it should be a calm few weeks."

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