Tuesday, 28 February 2017

02/2017 The Burning (2014)

Film about some humble village folk whose way of life, and actual lives, are under threat from some property developers who want to develop property, I assume. Or drill for oil. Or just kill them or something.

Anyway, the villagers speak of some deity who lives in the nearby river who will come to their aid when things are at there worse.

Sure enough, some nameless, short slim chap waddles out of the water and into their village. He may or may not be the saviour they are hoping for. He certainly takes a novel approach to helping them when, as the baddies turn up that night and it kicks off, he stays hidden while a number of innocents die.

He does, eventually, help the remaining oppressed grow a collective pair and leads them to a conclusive confrontation with the baddies.

Film's been described as a western set in a jungle, which is pretty fair, paralells with High Plains Drifter being the most obvious, in particular the 'not of this place' origins of the nameless hero.

Worth seeing just for the visuals alone, it's a beautiful film to look at, and the story's not too bad either.



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