Sunday, 3 June 2012

02/06/12 The Mad Death (1983)

We could remember this from when it was on TV nearly thirty years ago. Which makes us feel a bit old. A chum of ours managed to get hold of a copy and he sent it over to us after enjoying it.

Sadly, for some reason, my usual media player isn't letting me take screen caps of it. Bit of a pisser as there was some right gems to be used.

It's a three part mini-series (with a total running time of 2hr15m, and we watched it in one go, so I'm including it) about an outbreak of rabies in the Scottish Highlands. The Highlands in 1983 were populated entirely with posh-voiced English people and two Americans. Bit odd. 

Also, 'Rabies' is latin in origin, meaning 'Madness', hence the title. It does mean that if Liam Gallagher had been born two thousand years earlier, he would've been "Rabies for it".

The acting is ropey, the pacing a little slack, the wagging tails on the attacking dogs are unintentionally amusing and the puppet used for rabid fox scene is nigh-on Basil Brush in appearance...

However! The above flaws are easily forgiven in context of its age, use of locations, some genuine moments of tension and a dark, pessimistic vibe that is now completely absent from BBC dramas. And the opening credits, that show wobbly dog faces, are still very effectively eerie.

As far as I know it's never been repeated and was only briefly released on VHS, so copies of it are now as rare as tits on a fish, but if you do get a chance to watch it, it's well worth it.


"Bitch, I is gonna fuck you up!"


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