Saturday, 9 June 2012

09/06/12 The Hit (1984)

Terrence Stamp plays a former gangster who gives evidence against his criminal buddies then fucks off to retire in Spain.

Ten years later some thin men in denim jackets bundle him into a car and drop him off where he gets put in another motor and driven around Spain by John Hurt and a 9yr old Tim Roth. They stop to shoot a tubby Australian fella, kidnap his sheila and drive around a bit more. The idea being that Roth and Hurt have been sent to pop Stamp's clogs in return for his court room betrayl.

The film has an odd, flat feel to it, but Stamp's performance; his karmic acceptance of approaching assaination, is great.

Until the end of the film when it all goes a bit 'eh?'


Lumpy, Grumpy and Sideways were the biggest boy band of 1984

Trousers. Handbag. Blouse. Mince.

"'Ello, welcome to Troll's Bar. I'm Phillip Troll"

Deleted scene where John Hurt shits out Tim Roth.

Starring Terence Doubleface.


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