Sunday, 10 June 2012

10/06/12 The Shrine (2010)

Fun nonsense about some Canadian journalists who go and investigate some stuff about tourists who have gone missing. They end up in some odd village where people dress funny and speak foreign, 'cos they're, like, abroad 'n shit.

You think it's gonna go a bit Hostel, but thankfully it turns into Resident Evil 4.

That's good for two reasons, Hostel is a sack of wank whereas Resident Evil 4 is the absolute nipples!

The film's very silly, but as far as modern horror films go, it gets much more right than it does wrong, so if you like splat flicks, it's well worth a pop.


Norfolk, yesterday.

To pass the time, people of Norwich play a basic form of Twister.

Then enjoy a wet T-shirt competition.


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