Wednesday, 6 June 2012

06/06/2012 Supernova (2000)

Event Horizon-alike sci-fi thriller set on a rescue medical ship (kind of a quantum leaping ambulance).  It's bloody obvious from a light year away that the guy whose SOS they respond to is inherently evil but it's entertaining nonetheless.  Surprise of the film is barely recognisable James Spader's fleeting moment of buff-bod hotness; think those lucky two weeks in the late 1960's when Jim Morrison wasn't a fat hobo or before David Gilmour looked like a middle aged accountant.  There is a thread on this film's imdb page of many ladies lamenting where did it all go wrong.  There's also a thread complaining it's a softcore film but that's idiot yanks for you just because you briefly see a boob and an arse. 




PS One of the only film posters where the tagline is more prominent than the film's title?


  1. James Spader actually stayed fairly buff from 1998 (when this film was made) through 2002 (Secretary). He didn't start loosing the buff look until midway through 2003; that's when the slide began. :(

  2. Hello Timetraveler!

    Thanks for the comment, apologies in the delay replying!

    We were massively suprised by Spader's appearance in this as our previous exposure to him had been, er, probably Mannequin, 25 years ago, back when he was still a pencil-necked pune.

    At one point we actually commented on how the actor looked like a beefed up version of James Spader. Then we went on IMDB and realised it was him!

    Again, thanks for being out first comment! :)