Sunday, 5 January 2014

04/01/14 The Conversation (1974)

Probably a flippin' superb film, it was made in the mid '70s in a rainbow of brown and beige, everyone wears a tie, Gene Hackman's in it, there's no explosions or dinosaurs and no one smiles - ticking many classic boxes.

However, we've both got colds at the moment and just couldn't get thoughty enough to enjoy this, so, er, dunno. Ask someone else who's seen it. Or request your own opinion if you've seen it yourself.
Probably loads or maybe none/10

"Don't listen to the next bit"


"Heh heh heh!"

Just call it the fucking 'iClunk' or some shit and morons will buy it in the millions.

Contemporary bedsit-style dwellings available in central London. Rent £4800 PCM

Due to strange trade laws, there was only fifty-two cars in 1974. People had to share.

Croydon, yesterday.


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