Friday, 24 January 2014

24/01/14 The Being (1983)

Imagine a version of The Thing done by people who couldn't be arsed. And where the creature wasn't some amazing transmorphic beast but a bloke in a suit that looks like a big rubber poo.

Should've been high-camp fun, wasn't. Was boring splash.

"Don't fuckin' move, punk!"
"Gary, that's a car you twat."

"I found Hawking's work on the singularities of gravitational collapse directed at too broad an audience. I think you'll find my thesis on single-dimensional elemental particles a far more challenging and mature read. Especially if you're mashed on weed, dude."

"Dave, pick me up a beef pasty and some Quavers."
"Why can't you get them?"
"I'm having a bad hair day. People will stare at me."

"Good lord! If these calculations are correct... This film is utter shit!"


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